Spellbound Sea Salt Bath Soak - 6 oz.

That LONG day is finally over! Between spilling your coffee all over your new outfit on your way to a meeting with that VERY important client to almost missing lunch with your best friend to burning that "I had to try it" recipe for Coq Au Vin, it has been a day. 

Our Lavender Sea Salt Bath Soak is now calling your name. Pour yourself a glass of Bordeaux, you know, your go to wine, light a few candles and slide into a world of calm and relaxation. Our Spellbound salts will take you straight from the board room to a bathing experience that will relax your mind and soul. Spellbound is a magical blend of grapes grown on Tuscan vines, whispy peony, vanilla orchids, juicy passion fruit and gently kissed with a hint of greenery. This scent will send you back to that backpacking trip you took to the Tuscan Valley during your college days.

These European Sea Salts are the finest, purest European bath salts available. Harvested and solar evaporated from the Mediterranean Sea, these salts from an area that is free of polution. We also sprinkled in some Epsom Salt, a little bit of all natural mica and some essential of fragrance oil to give you not just a great smelling salt but one that is beneficial to your body by easing your muscles and helping to remove toxins from your body.

To Use: Simply run a bath and add 2 tablespoons of bath salts to the running water. Slide in, lay back and relax.

Our 22 oz container does come with a wooden salt scoop.

Ingredients: European Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Mica, EO or FO.

Available in 3 sizes - This listing is for the 6 oz. jar

1.5 oz / 42.5 mg - Small resealable bag (approx. 2 baths)

6 oz. / 170 mg. - Glass jar with cork stopper (approx. 12 baths)

22 oz. / 623 g. - Glass jar with cork stopper (approx. 44 baths)

Never tested on animals, just friends and family.

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